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« A technology, a lot of solutions »

Agora provides audio solutions for high quality professional music industry and recreation. From eight years of experience in the Z Professional corporation, we design and produce mobile or permanent installations closer to the needs of the user.

Agora is a rental stock, an engineering team and a center for sales and installations. Through these three domains of expertise, we imagine innovative and effective solutions to best meet the needs of our partners and customers. The heart of our business is primarily to try and break in all the techniques that are now the particularity of our approach. Our clients, consultants and end users trust us because we offer solutions improved on the road. Our daily practice of the live sound leads us to be facing the same problems that they have. Each project remind us that its success depends primarily on a good definition of requirements and specificities but also on the coherency behind staff and equipment. It is around these two themes that we think provide well sized and relevant solutions, against the current trend of marketing and easy answers. Beyond our original activity, we support the idea that a high-end technology development, a taste for innovation and process engineering can cross the needs of our various clients. We consider the specialization and the development of innovative technologies as a vehicle to diversify our offer to multiple fields of application still more varied. More than just a renter or store, the company claims to be integrator of mobile and permanent audio solutions.
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