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Our research and development team is based on knowledge and an extensive practice in the real world. We work as a crossroad of exchanges between manufacturers, developers, technicians and sound engineers, training centers, end users and committees of reflection.
We work to adapt technologies to the real world realities, making them understandable to the largest number of technicians, look for the best economic matching, trace information to builders, to assist stage designers, architects and decision-makers in the orientations and the technical choices and try, as possible, to provide an overview,  synthetic and prospective of the various technological developments in the sector.
We offer a range of services and skills that allow projects proposed to find technical resources necessary at every stage of their life, from the first idea to the realization.
We operate today in a range of  audio production domains:
  • Setting of dedicated solutions for end users
  • Assistance in project management
  • Beta testing and process stabilization
  • Research and development in acoustic and electroacoustic
  • Technical support
  • Training Continuing Professional Development (Vocational Training Centre at theTechnical Spectacle)
  • Political ans scientific prospective  (scientific committee Agison)
We work with the softwares:
  • Ease 4.3 and full AFMG software suite  and all types of preachers manufacturers delivery systems for acoustic studies
  • Vectorworks CAD for drawing and design
  • Systune, Easera for acoustic measurement

We also develop our own tools for calculation and assistance to the installation of the sound systems.
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