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In a project for construction or rehabilitation of a place, in a festival organized by a local authority or in a multitude of cases, the use of the tender is often essential for a competitive response from the point of view financially and technically. In others, the adapted procedure market or the consultation can be tools to maximize the potential of the project. Every time we realize that its success depends on a very precise definition of technical and human needs according to the objectives and desires of its creators and carriers and a control means in the life of the program.
Our three activities of rental, installation and R&D department and our interaction with a lot of actors in the professional audio industry, allow us to offer our services at this step of your project.

The projects on which we worked:

  • Planétarium – Lieu Multiple – Poitiers (86)
  • Le Camji – Music venue – Niort (79)
  • Theater Charles TrénetChauvigny (86)
  • Le Confort Moderne – Music venue and Arts center – Poitiers (86)
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