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The technical support is one of the essential missions of our engineering consulting team. With our technicians in our rental stock, with our customers and end users on the installations which we realized but also in a more generic way in partnership with vocational training center continues, we elaborate teaching aids and realize missions of training on our fields of expertise.

Our realizations:

With the CFPTS - Bagnolet (93):
  • Systune – Smaartlive, live measurement
  • Acoustic simulators for live sound (Ease, Soundvision, Nexosoft)
  • CCP sound management
  • Digital systems for live sound

For different places :
  • Ethersound™ : set up and use

Within Agora :
  • Agora System Technician: implementation of the Agora sound systems
  • Agora System Engineer : installation concept and exploitation (operation) of the Agora sound systems
  • Agora Gigabit Networks Administrator: conception, implementation and exploitation (operation) of Agora Gigabit networks (overview diagrams, transit of flows, identification and control of the distant devices
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