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« Plug and play from 50 to 50000+ audiences »

Our rental kits are designed to be versatile and complementary to respond with the same level of demand for the rent of a plug and play solution as the most complex installations. A single standard of wiring, a single packaging standard allow us to optimize the setting up times and trucks loading. We develop our equipment standards for the sake of ergonomics and ease of use. The flexibility and fluidity of the end user interface are the main drivers of our technical choices.

In the same concern of improvement, our teams are made up of technicians chosen for their human and technical qualities. Experience showed us the importance of structured teams, defined posts and the constant need of knowledges training and updating.

Partner of a European network of providers and suppliers of professional audio technology solutions, we are able to increase easily our ability to share and expand our range of offers.

Finally, we offer systems of long term rental that are particularly advantageous in some cases both in terms of economic adaptability to your programming.
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