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Our rental kits are made with reversible and compatible elements to can respond to the maximum kinds of applications. For example a mixing suite can be made like that : Desk A + Outboards rack A + Effects rack B. All the effects racks are wired with analog and digital (AES) snakes for a perfect compatibility with all the desks. Tous nos racks d’effets sont pré-câblés en analogique et en numérique (AES), ils sont donc compatibles avec n’importe quelle console du parc.

Digital Desks

  • Soundcraft VI6 fiber
  • Innovason Sy80
  • Innovason Eclipse GT
  • Yamaha M7CL
  • Midas Pro2

Analog Desks

Mix A
  • Midas XL4
  • Outboards Rack A : DPR402, Dbx160, DPR504, DPR404, DL241, DS201
  • Effects Rack A : PCM96, PCM91, TCM2000, SPX990, D2

Mix B
  • Midas H1000
  • Outboards Rack B : DPR402, Dbx160, DPR404, DPR504
  • Effects Rack B : PCM70, PCM81, TC2000, D2


To offer an answer to various requests and because the actual decade is that of the wedges get back on stage, we have decide to increase our capacities for offer a most wide range of monitors solutions. The taste of artists and their monitors engineers are different, among the co-axial and two way technologies, horn loaded or not. We still think that coaxial horn loaded is today a technologic heresy. So we have imagine a of wedges available among Microwedge 12 and 15 inches range and Nexo 45N12 wedge, especially efficient for the gain before feedback and the poor sound stage pollution that they bring.
  • Microwedge MW12 / MW15 coaxial 12 et 15 inches passive / active, powered and controlled by Yamaha Tx5n
  • Nexo 45N12 : HRW® (Hyperbolic Reflector Waveguide) wedge, powered and controlled by NxAmp 4x4
  • Control rack : DME64N with Lake MesaEQ DSP and tactile wireless remote, ready to use for analog +4dBu, AES, MADI et Ethersound™ protocols
  • In Ear monitors : Sennheiser 2000 series + Variphone 2 ways earphones. We can also provide Shure PSM1000 systems.

Front Of House Systems

  • Nexo tangent line sources : GéoS8, GéoS12, GéoD, GéoT
  • Nexo sub bass range : CD12, CD18, Géosubs, RS15, RS18, S2
  • Nexo Alpha E systems
  • Control rack : DME64N with Lake MesaEQ DSP and tactile wireless remote, ready to use for analog +4dBu, AES, MADI et Ethersound™ protocols

We are also certified and we can provide L. Acoustics systems:
  • VDOSC + SB28, standard K - LA Racks
  • Kara + SB18, standard K - LA Racks

Middle size and General-purpose systems

Nexo PS range is our first choice of general purpose systems. This concept is perfectly adapted to a very large range of situations (little sized systems, proximity fields, wedges monitors, front fields, distributed applications), especially when robustness and power handling are essential criteria. In 2010, after 15 years of using and a sold of 200.000 units, PS range has been fully revisited to adapt their performances to the market. This step of development made the PS range like the best multi tools engine of our speakers stock. PSR2 range development improves:
  • new transducers for best acoustic performances and less weight (neodymium drivers)
  • rigging and assembly accessories designed in the continuity of GéoS12 rigging suite
  • a strengthening of chandlery for best solidity
  • a best signal process and speaker management due to the calculation embedded NxAmp DSP. This process notably works with linear phase EQ’s (FIR) which gives to the PS a clear and modern sound

The range is organized like:
  • PS8
  • PS10R2 left and right versioning for monitors applications
  • PS15R2 left and right versioning for monitors applications
  • Enclosed sub bass LS400: low frequency reinforcement for PS8
  • Enclosed sub bass LS600: low frequency reinforcement for PS10R2
  • RS15 sub bass stemming from Ray sub : low frequency reinforcement for PS15R2
    (read about this / subs arrays / ray subs)


We possess in our rental stock all the well known brands used in sound reinforcement and broadcasting industries. Besides, we purpose a wide range of DPA microphones for actoring and stand up applications.

Wireless systems

  • Sennheiser 2000 series + AC3000 antennas combiner and wideband antennas A2003
  • Shure UR4D receivers + émetteurs UR1/UR2 and antennas combiner + active antennas


  • Sound levels manager AMIX SNA-50 Live + AES/EBU interface
  • Hearing-impaired people magnetic loop
    (Read about technologies / sound management / sound levels management)
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