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In France sound level management of music industry is governed by a whole of three laws:
  • Concerning the hearing protection of the audience in the venues witch hosts amplified music shows, the 98-1143 French statutory order
  • Concerning the environmental impact management, producers are anxious to respect the environmental laws and the august 31st, 2006 application decree relative to the fight against the rumours of neighbourhoods
  • Concerning the hearing health of the workers, the relative legislation to the noise in work leans on the European directive 86/188/CE witch recommends not exceeding a level of 87dB leqA 8 hours. The labour code indicates measures to be taken according to the exposure levels

We integrated in our process a suite of tools witch improves sound level management solutions. We think that better one tonal response and good pressure homogeneity between near field and far field of our sound systems are absolute tools for listeners hearing protection.

If the implementation of a sound level regulator can be useful according situations, the sound level management politics must arise of an exchange between concerned professionals to be efficient and positive.

In a building or renovation venue program, the question must be discussed between designers and end users.

Within a team of a venue, the dialogue between technicians, artistic staff and bands has to succeed on enthusiastic responses; answers must be supplied to the public (information, in ear protections, quiet places which allow the rest, levels exposure information,...)

The speed checks made decrease the road accident but the sound level management in musical venues cannot operate in the same way. Artistic creation is not a car, the sound culture and musical practices evolve in a contemporary way in society. We support an approach more political than legal, an attitude more preventive than repressive.

For a more intelligent management, for a more effective prevention, we set up one software and technical tools series witch offers a panel of services :

  • Sound level regulator and recorder Amix SNA50-2 live available for rent or sale
  • Predictive mapping of noise for environment impact witch allows quantify sound exposure for the neighbours, inform the authorities and assist events organizers during the conception work
  • NFS3010 Standard certification concerning SINP (Study of Impact of the Noise Pollutions)
  • Multi microphones acoustic measure for provide true sound level audience exposure for each weighting (A,B,C,SPL)
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