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Today, using digital audio device in electro acoustics chain seems as completely obvious out of calculation potential and saving on money that the DSP offers in comparison in analogue solutions. From the ordinary effects engine to the mixing desk including systems process, digital work is present in every step. New, if these technologies take to a new level, the analogue / digital / analogue steps chaining gives poor signal / noise ratio, latency and harmonic distortion results. From the beginnings of the first digital snakes systems, we centred our technologic development on a compatibility and standard approach which allows a unique ADDA convert step between microphones and loudspeakers. Full digital chain provides audio quality and signal source integrity fidelity unrivalled. These technologic developments in one of our principals’ ways, always in a costs decrease, speed of setting up and ease to use spirit. Services brought by a well network concept, Gigabit networks birth and transport protocols diversity are the reasons to think signal transport cores like a fully technology. We adopt the same technology watch and the same development strategy.
thersound™ is a digital audio network developed on the basis of Ethernet technology allows to convey digital audio channels and remote data on a simple dedicated local network (LAN) Ethernet IEEE 802.3 full-duplex2 100baseT mini compatible.

Digigram Ethersound™ protocol is used by an important number of pro audio manufacturers and allows to:

  • 2x64 digital audio channels convey (24bits-48kHz)
  • Bi-directionnal use (64 channels in downstream and 64 channels in upstream)
  • Low and set latency (125μsec)
  • Very low jitter (< 1 ns)
  • List and control of connected Ethersound™ devices over the network
  • Synchronous data transmission
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