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The musical productions changes aim at a more and more important use of low and very low frequencies. The search in sensations, the beat ascendancy in modern music brought to us to the development of new setting-up and use of our sound systems.

Following the example of the line arrays in full range spectrum part, we try to obtain acoustic pressure homogeneity for our sub bass’s installations. We developed in this purpose a lot of sub bass arrays setting up techniques. Every request is different (rigging and sitting stress, stationary waves for indoor, stereophonic interferences for outdoor, power alley …) the reserved solution must be to. Bending, steering, arc subs, we developed and tested a suite of mathematical tools which increase acoustic gain and a setting-up technical assistance for a better result accuracy.

Our sub bass solutions give horizontal and vertical directivity managing facilities which improves dramatically the on-site geometry adjustment, venues acoustic constraints adaptation and phase matching when the weather situation changes.
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